Facebook will bring back video and audio calls to it’s main App


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Facebook announced Monday that audio and video calls will be brought back to the main app. This is after it had split its communication tools into two separate apps. This change is being considered “just for testing” and can be seen by a limited number of users.

Bloomberg reports that Mark Zuckerberg’s company has reversed course and will add communication features to its Facebook app.

A few years back, Facebook’s main app allowed users to send messages to each other. In 2014, Facebook announced that its Messenger platform would be a separate app. Facebook stated at that time that Messenger required its own app in order to gain more features. The Messenger app has seen significant growth since then.

Messenger is moving from a stand-alone app into a broader service Facebook Inc. has added voice and video calling features to its flagship social network service. This is the latest effort to refine its communications features since it spun off Messenger in 2014. __S.7__

While audio and video calls will be coming back to Facebook, text chat will remain only in the Messenger app. Facebook announced earlier this month that Messenger will now offer end-to-end encryption for audio and video calls. Recently, the app was updated to include support for QR Codes and payment links.

Connor Hayes (Director of Product for Messenger), stated that the new communication features in Facebook’s app are being rolled out to a few select users in the US. No word yet on whether the app will be expanded to other users or in other regions.


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