Every time an Apple Pay transaction is made, Apple will contribute 1$ to the World Wildlife Fund


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Apple is launching a new ad in honor of Earth Day, which takes place later this week. If you use Apple Pay at any of Apple’s retail locations, the corporation will give $1 to the World Wildlife Fund for every transaction.

In an email to its consumers, Apple highlights the significance of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF):

World Wildlife Fund has been working to protect the planet’s biodiversity for more than 60 years.

World Animals Fund works to create and implement creative solutions to safeguard people, wildlife, and the environments in which they live by connecting cutting-edge conservation research with the collective strength of its field partners.

As part of Apple’s attempts to become carbon neutral by 2030, this Apple Pay promotion is just one of several initiatives the business is doing.

All Apple goods, including their design, manufacturing, shipping, usage, and recycling, are devoid of a carbon impact.

Apple has previously announced an Apple Watch Activity Challenge for Earth Day on April 22. To achieve this challenge, participants must perform a 30-minute exercise from any of the challenge categories. You’ll then be able to utilize stickers in Messages, FaceTime, and other apps.

Let’s go out there and celebrate our world. Get this reward by working out for at least 30 minutes on April 22. Use the Workout app or another app that integrates with Health to capture the data.

However, no new Earth Day-related offerings from Apple have been announced as of yet.

As long as you’re considering purchasing an Apple device or accessory, your purchase will result in the Cupertino business donating $1 to the World Wildlife Fund for every transaction made via its Apple Pay service.


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