Engineer gives AirPods charging case the USB-C port we all deserve


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The developer who designed the first iPhone with a USB-C connection is back, this time to bring USB-C to the AirPods charging case.

Ken Pillonel has released a new video in which he successfully replaces the Lightning connector on the AirPods charging case with a USB-C connection that is completely functioning.

AirPods with USB-C are now available (sort of)

Pillon outlined his rationale for embarking on this project in an interview with Engadget. “What Apple devices do I use daily, and which ones still have a Lightning port?” he asked.

The project was difficult, especially since Pillonel wanted the result to be as tidy as possible.

Essentially, he wanted the AirPods case with USB-C charging to seem like something designed by Apple. “It was more difficult since I had high expectations for how the completed product should appear,” Pillonel remarked.

He also wants other AirPods owners to be able to reproduce this concept easily.

The USB-C port was made a “brand-new replacement component” for AirPods, enabling anybody to simply “unplug the old Lightning connection” and “plugin the new USB-C circuit.

Despite some of the obstacles, Pillonel told Engadget that the project was well worth the effort:

But in the end, it seems the troubles were worth the effort, with Pillonel saying “It is so satisfying to be able to use only one cable and one charger for all my Apple devices. It really is how it should be.” And in a way, that’s sort of the dream: Having one cable that can recharge or send data to any device, regardless of what kind of gadget it is or who made it.

A short video posted to YouTube this week shows the USB-C charging case for AirPods in action. Pillon also says he has a longer, more in-depth video in the works showing the full process.


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