Core, an Unreal Engine-based game production tool, will be available on iOS and Mac this summer

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This summer, the Unreal Engine will be available for use on iOS and Mac.

The Epic Games Store features Core, a free and presently PC-exclusive software. Manticore Games, the game’s creator, uses the Unreal Engine to power the app.

To commemorate the occasion, Epic Games Store has added more than 50,000 “games, planets, and events” to the Core collection.

The Core app will be playable on iOS, macOS, and Windows. Using a “suite” of iOS optimization tools, developers may already begin optimizing their games for mobile play, even before the official launch.

There are other platforms bringing their metaverse-like games to mobile as well, and Core is only one of them.

Earlier this week, Meta announced that Horizon Worlds, their virtual reality platform, would be accessible on the web and on mobile devices.

As the use of virtual worlds in video games becomes more common, it seems that Apple devices will continue to see more of the same.

Is there anything you’re presently playing on Core? Which of the upcoming iOS and Mac versions are you most interested in checking out?


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