Cool Pets NFT: Everything You Need to Know


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With the release of Cool Pets approaching, there’s been some justifiable skepticism about the new project.

Because the upcoming Cool Cats secondary collection was first announced in September and then pushed back twice, the project’s specifics are still a little hazy.

Cool Pets, the companion series to the renowned blue cat PFP project, is definitely one to watch in 2022 Q1.

And, although we’ve already covered all you need to know about the original blue-chip collection in our Cool Cats Ultimate Guide, we’re going over everything you need to know about Cool Pets to help clear up any confusion regarding the project’s next step.


Cool Pets is an NFT program that runs alongside Cool Cats.

Cool Cats seems to be using a similar approach with its Pets, as companion collections like the Bored Ape Kennel Club, KingFrogs, Thingies, and others have helped popular projects capitalize on demand and further increase their collector base.

Cool Pets will have 20,000 NFTs, half of which will be reserved for existing Cool Cats members and the other half will be sold to the general public.

Cool Pets will be interactive and will be able to embark on missions and gain prizes via the Cool Cats Cooltopia. They will come in a variety of elemental forms, including Fire, Water, Air, and Grass.

Cool Pets was announced in September and was supposed to be launched by the end of 2021, but it was pushed out to mid-December due to bandwidth concerns with the development team.


Everything looked to be going according to plan until Jan. 26, when the Cool Cats team once again postponed the release, this time citing “we reexamined the Cool Pets code and uncovered an issue that we feel might significantly affect Pets minting” in a blog post.

The new, and allegedly final, the launch date has been set on Jan. 31, with the Cool Cats staff testing every facet of their system to guarantee minting goes off without a hitch.

Furthermore, the company just released fresh information about crucial dates (which we’ve listed below) and stated that their allowlist checker, tokenomics analysis, and even Cool Pets apparel would all be available before the launch.

Cool Pets seems to be helping onboard thousands of new members into the Cool Cats community since this is the greatest growth attempt we’ve seen from the renowned avatar project to yet. Visit the Cool Cats blog or the project website for additional details.


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