CIRP: iPhone draws buyers to Apple Watch and iPad, but not HomePod and Apple TV


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Analysts at Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) have published a new report today that focuses on the breadth of the Apple ecosystem. The report specifically focuses on the iPhone’s potential as a gateway to other Apple products such as the Apple Watch and iPad, Mac and Apple TV.

Josh Lowitz (CIRP partner, cofounder) explains in the report the questions that were asked by the survey.CIRP: iPhone draws buyers to Apple Watch and iPad, but not HomePod and Apple TV

Which Apple products and what kind of electronics do Apple owners have? Apple Watches and AirPods are great companions for iPhones. Both products are popular with iPhone buyers, and Apple holds a significant share of both the US and UK markets. Apple’s iPads are a popular choice for iPhone buyers. A majority of iPhone buyers own a tablet, with Apple accounting for the largest share.

A majority of iPhone owners own a personal computer, but only 40% own a Mac. Nearly 70% of iPad owners and 80% of iPhone users own a tablet. The full chart shows how Apple compares to the streaming TV and smart speaker industries.

Mike Levin is a CIRP partner, and co-founder.

Apple’s mobile success has not been replicated in home-based sales. Although almost all iPhone buyers own a computer, Apple is not the dominant player in this market, accounting for 41%. Apple has a small share of streaming TV devices, with more than two-thirds of iPhone owners owning one. However, only 39% of those who own an Apple TV box own it. We’ve already seen that Apple holds a small percentage of smart speakers. This has increased among iPhone buyers to 45% who own one or more. However, 75% of smart speaker owners are competitors.

CIRP claims that the findings are based upon a survey of around 900 Apple customers in the United States who purchased an iPhone during the 12-month period ending June 2021.


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