Cast of Ted Lasso ‘not ready to say goodbye’ as they shoot final season


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Ted Lasso, an Apple TV+ original comedy, has undoubtedly become a worldwide hit. The third season of Ted Lasso is now in production, and even though it will most likely be the final one, the show’s fans and actors are not ready to say goodbye.

During the FYC in Los Angeles, an event to promote and celebrate Emmy nominations, Deadline met with the show’s actors.

The Ted Lasso actors said that they are currently “halfway through shooting Season 3,” with only three episodes remaining until the program concludes.

Ted Lasso was originally intended to have three seasons, according to executive producer and actor Brett Goldstein. “That’s how we’re writing it. “Three was the plan,” he explained.

I’m not ready to say good-by

However, no one seemed to be “ready to say goodbye” to Ted Lasso, at least not Hannah Waddingham, who plays Rebecca Welton on the program.

In an interview, the actress stated that she “would like to halt everything” before filming the last episodes in the coming days. Waddingham highlighted her love for her role and stated that she still can’t believe Ted Lasso would be ending.

I love her [Rebecca], man. She’s the girl—my girl— that I’m walking along next to and serving. I know that sounds dramatic but that’s how I feel. I feel her rippling through my bloodstream and I’m not ready to not walk with her anymore. I have an immense sadness because she’s brought quite a lot to my life.

Other Ted Lasso actors have also said they will miss the show. Toheeb Jimoh, who plays Sam Obisanya, mentioned that “it will be extremely difficult to say goodbye.

He also revealed that the upcoming season will bring more details about Sam’s personal life. Kola Bokinni, who plays Isaac McAdoo, also has similar thoughts.

I’m preparing myself as much as I can. I’ve always taken this job one day at a time. I’m enjoying the journey. Working on this show has helped me grow up a little bit.

When will Ted Lasso’s season 3 premiere?

Update: As Sigmund Judge pointed out, Ted Lasso’s third season filming is presently on hold until mid-August.

At this time, it is unknown when the third season of Ted Lasso will premiere. The program debuted in August 2020, with the second season following a year later in July 2021. This fall, Apple may release the third season of Ted Lasso.

Ted Lasso has received a variety of honors, including seven Emmys in 2021. Jason Sudeikis, the show’s star, has also won two Golden Globes. Ted Lasso was nominated for Outstanding Comedy Series at the Emmys this year, while numerous other cast members were nominated in various categories.

Ted Lasso seasons 1 and 2 are now available to view on Apple TV+, which costs $4.99 per month in the United States.


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