Canalys: Mac shipments is up 24% thanks to M1 chip


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Canalys released new data today showing that while PC shipments increased by 17% in the United States last quarter, Apple saw a 33% drop in shipments. This is compared to the same period last year. Apple was the only major PC vendor that experienced negative growth. Canalys attribute this to iPad demand dropping off.

Canalys data is focused on tablets as well as traditional PCs, as usual. Canalys reported that Apple’s Mac shipments increased 24% year-overyear thanks to the success with the M1 chip, and the Apple Silicon transition.

With over 8 million units shipped, HP led the US market for PCs for the second quarter. With a 42% share of the US Chromebook market, HP continued to be the market leader in Chromebooks. Despite a 3% decline, Apple was still second on the US PC market. It was the only major PC vendor that posted negative growth. This is due to iPad demand slowing down. Apple enjoyed greater success with notebooks with 24% increase in year-on-year sales, partially due to the M1 chip’s success. The growth rate for Dell was 11%, which is comparatively low. Both Samsung and Lenovo continued to outperform all other vendors with respective 25% and 51% growth in PC sales-out.

Canalys partially attributed the decrease in tablet sales to a tough year-over-year comparison. The data shows that Apple has been outperformed by other tablet manufacturers over the past year.

In 2021, the tablet market showed signs of slowing down. This quarter saw a 1% drop from its peak in Q2 2020, when it was exploding due to the pandemic. In 2020, the tablet market exploded as more people stayed at home and needed additional screens to communicate with their loved ones. This surge has slowed slightly and notebooks won’t see the same future refresh cycle strength as they will from early purchases during the pandemic. iPads performed well in Q22020, as Apple managed to keep up with component shortages more effectively than its key competitors. Other vendors have gained ground since then, causing Apple to shrink while Amazon and Samsung have grown.

The complete report can be found on the Canalys website.

Canalys: Mac shipments is up 24% thanks to M1 chip

Canalys: Mac shipments is up 24% thanks to M1 chip


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