Brave web browser for iOS has been upgraded to include a new ‘Privacy Hub.’

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Brave, the popular privacy-focused web browser, updated its iOS version on Wednesday, adding a new “Privacy Hub” to its features.

The app displays a summary of how visited websites acquire and use personal data from the device at that location.

The functionality is included in Brave for iOS version 1.38, which gives users even more alternatives for browsing the web safely and discreetly.

The new Privacy Hub, according to the company’s blog post, warns users about trackers, fingerprinting efforts, and other “evil things” concealed on websites.

It reveals, for example, if a prohibited tracker is known to collect data like email and location for advertising reasons.

Privacy Hub helps educate you about trackers and other privacy threats. It highlights risky pages and trackers, and ties those trackers to the tech companies and publishers behind them. It shows just how often sites try to invade your privacy.

However, this is only one of the new capabilities included in today’s upgrade to the web browser.

The iOS app’s fingerprinting protection has been strengthened, making it more difficult for trackers to identify users online. To fool websites without damaging them, Brave adds “small levels of randomization to finger printable APIs.”

Furthermore, the iOS app now includes Certificate Viewer, which was previously only available on the desktop version of the web browser. Users may see if a web page’s certificate is still valid, as well as other sophisticated information.

Brave Browser for iOS is free to download from the App Store. Versions for macOS, Windows, Android, and Linux are also available and may be found on Brave’s website.


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