Bloomberg: Kevin Lynch tapped to lead Apple Car project in latest shakeup

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Just days after it was revealed that Apple VP Doug Field was stepping down form the Apple Car project for a new gig at Ford, Apple’s Project Titan has a new boss. Bloomberg reports that Apple’s Kevin Lynch will be taking over Apple Car efforts.

Lynch joined Apple in 2013 after working at Adobe, where he was responsible for the development of Flash. Lynch is the VP of technology and has been a key contributor to the Apple Watch’s development over the years.

Field was reported to have managed the “day to day” operations of Apple Car before his departure earlier in the week. Insider reported that Lynch had previously added Apple Car software responsibilities. However, today’s report states that Lynch’s responsibilities have expanded.

Lynch started the project in January when he assumed responsibility for the software development teams. The people who spoke on condition of anonymity because the information is not public, stated that Lynch now oversees the entire group. This includes hardware engineering as well as work on self-driving cars sensors.

Lynch’s selection to lead the car project shows that the company’s main focus is still on the underlying software and self driving technology, rather than on the vehicle’s mechanical parts. Lynch is a long-standing software executive and not a manager of hardware teams. Lynch has never worked for a car company.

Lynch does not have any experience in the automobile industry. Bloomberg says that Apple still has “a few senior executives still on the project who come from the automotive sector,” including former executives at Tesla and BMW.

The Apple Car project is currently being overseen by John Giannandrea, with Lynch running the day-to-day efforts. Lynch reports to Jeff Williams (Apple’s chief operating officer).


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