Bloomberg backs report that iPhone 15 may switch to USB-C charging port next year


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Apple is expected to replace its proprietary Lightning charging connector with the universal USB-C connection, according to supply chain expert Ming-Chi Kuo.

Apple is internally evaluating an iPhone design incorporating USB-C, according to a second claim from a trusted source, this time Bloomberg.

New story confirms USB-C iPhone testing

With the iPhone 5, Apple debuted the Lightning connection, which replaced the larger 30-pin dock connector with a smaller, reversible plug. Apple is anticipated to use Lightning for the iPhone 14 series later this autumn, ten years later.

However, Apple has switched the majority of its iPad models to USB-C, while MacBook machines have been using USB-C charging for more than five years. A

pple also utilizes USB-C to charge all of its devices, including the latest iPhones.

Bloomberg reports that although Apple is internally testing an iPhone design using USB-C instead of Lightning, the shift won’t happen until next year, as Ming-Chi Kuo predicted earlier this week. T

his places the update on the so-called iPhone 15 range, which is expected to launch in September 2023.

One reason for examining the transition, according to the article, is pressure from European authorities who might compel Apple to adopt a standard used by other smartphone manufacturers.

Another issue to consider is data transmission speed. Improved USB-C transfer rates might imply less technical effort for Apple, which has struggled to keep Lightning competitive in terms of performance.

Apple is said to be upgrading Lightning data transfer speeds to USB 3.0 beginning with the iPhone 14 Pro this fall, although iPads with USB-C already benefit from faster transfer rates.

According to Bloomberg, Apple is working on a Lightning to USB-C adaptor to maintain compatibility across connection types.


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