AWS GameKit now supports iOS and macOS games developed with Unreal Engine

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There’s some exciting news for Mac and mobile game makers and players. Amazon Web Services (AWS) has announced that AWS GameKit now supports Unreal Engine-developed iOS, macOS, and Android games.

On March 23, AWS GameKit was released, allowing game developers to construct AWS-powered game features directly from the Unreal Editor.

Developers can now use GameKit to create games for Win64, macOS, iOS, and Android with this version.

AWS GameKit for Unreal Engine allows game developers to incorporate new cloud-based gaming features into their games for Windows 64, macOS, iOS, and Android.

These capabilities will enable developers to build distinct identities for players so they can log in to the game and manage play sessions, giving them a unique and better gaming experience.

They may also assign player achievements, save game progress in the cloud, and save game-related data for users.

AWS GameKit is an architecture that enables developers to work in a secure and high-performance environment.

It also contains an AWS CloudFormation template for managing the backend from the Unreal Editor, as well as Blueprint components and other goodies.

GameKit is ideal for game creators that wish to control their cloud resources. The features are adaptable and operate on the developer’s AWS account.

The AWS GameKit plugin may be found in the Unreal Engine Marketplace or downloaded from the AWS GameKit website.


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