Apple’s Senior Director of Global Privacy will speak at a symposium on privacy and data protection


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Apple’s Senior Director of Global Privacy, Jane Horvath, is presenting at the Computers, Privacy, and Data Protection (CPDP) conference.

Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Meta are among the sponsors of the event, which takes place May 23–25 in Brussels, Belgium.

Horvath will speak at a session titled The Future of Privacy” on Tuesday, April 24th. “How is multistakeholderism influencing privacy throughout the world?” There isn’t much information about what she’ll talk about, but it’s certain to be interesting.

In her almost eleven-year stint at Apple, the CEO hasn’t given many speeches. Her most recent speaking engagement was at the CES 2020 event, where she emphasized Apple’s stance on user privacy.

For years, CEO Tim Cook has been vociferous about privacy. The firm has recently expressed its opposition to allowing side-loading under the EU’s Digital Markets Act.

Under this statute, Apple may be required to enable consumers to install software from sources other than the App Store.

Apple has warned that side-loading will only raise security problems due to the number of sensitive information consumers maintain on their iPhones.

Horvath has been at Apple since September 2011, after previously serving as Google’s Global Privacy Counsel. She is responsible for Apple’s compliance with worldwide privacy regulations and works on evolving privacy-related problems in her capacity.


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