Apple Watch Series 7 is a ‘dramatic change in design’ and will be released this month


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This morning, Ming-Chi Kuo released an analyst note that acknowledged Apple faced manufacturing issues when ramping the production of the new Apple Watch, set to be unveiled on Tuesday at the September 14 Apple event.

Kuo claims that Apple and its suppliers have overcome these issues and that mass production will begin soon. Kuo expects that the new Watch lineup will be available in September.

Kuo stated that the Series 7’s most important feature will be the “dramatic change of design”, as Apple has prepared an iPhone 12-esque look for the Watch, with squared edges and flat sides.

Display sizes are expected to grow noticeably and the screen’s surrounding bezel will be smaller than current models. Bloomberg previously reported that the 45mm Apple Watch Series 7 will sport 16% more pixels than the current 44mm model it replaces.

Kuo says that early production problems were mostly due to the new approach to display assembly. Apple has many new manufacturing processes in place for internal components, even though the design is evolving externally.

Kuo claims that the first Series 7 watches had been affected by touch screen and blinking issues. The analyst claims that Apple and its suppliers have now resolved the issues with the panel modules and are ready to begin mass production. Mass shipments will be made later in the month.

Keep watching for the official announcement about the Apple Watch Series 7 and the unveiling of the iPhone 13 at Apple’s September 14 event. 9to5Mac will provide you with full coverage of all announcements.

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