Apple wants 27% commission for Dutch apps using third-party payments


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Following adjustments to the App Store to comply with Dutch law, Apple has stated that it will reduce its 30% commission to 27% for qualified apps.

Apple intends to fight the Netherlands verdict that states it must allow dating app creators to use alternative payment methods.

However, it is complying with the decision and has finally released its prices after first detailing how developers can use third-party solutions.

According to an updated support document on Apple’s developer site, “Apple will impose a 27 percent commission on the price paid by the user, net of value-added taxes.” “This is a discounted rate that does not include the value associated with payment processing and related operations.”

Developers will be responsible for the collection and reimbursement of all applicable taxes, such as the Netherlands’ value-added tax (VAT),” it continues, “for purchases handled by a third-party payment provider.”

Apple claims it is appealing the Dutch verdict in a new document titled “Additional details accessible for dating applications in the Netherlands.” Furthermore, it encourages developers to continue working with the App Store as they have.

“Developers of dating apps who want to continue using Apple’s in-app purchase system, which we believe is the safest and most secure way for customers to purchase digital goods and services,” it states, “may do so with no further action.”

It further emphasizes that if a developer switches to a different system, Apple “will not be notified of purchases,” and so will be unable to assist users with “refunds, purchase history, subscription management,” and so on.

Apple goes on to say that as a requirement of using alternative payment systems, developers must declare purchases – and that Apple has audit rights.

Failure to pay Apple’s commission may result in an offset of proceeds owed to you in other markets,” Apple adds. It also threatens to “remove your software from the App Store or remove you from the Apple Developer program.”

It’s unclear how this applies to a developer who makes less than $1 million in sales when Apple levies 15%.

In South Korea, both Apple and Google are being required to make identical changes. There, the new restrictions apply to all developers, not just those who create dating applications, and Apple has been chastised for failing to provide specific compliance plans to the authorities.

Google has also been requested for additional information, but it has also been chastised for decreasing its service charge by only 4%.


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