Apple still selling more iPhone 13 models than past lineups via carrier channels

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Despite supply challenges, sales of Apple’s iPhone 13 models remain high relative to previous lines, according to fresh carrier research data received by JP Morgan.

JP Morgan analyst Samik Chatterjee says in a letter to investors received by AppleInsider that fresh data points support the investment bank’s favorable forecast for iPhone 13 demand in 2022.

In fact, Chatterjee forecasts that the iPhone 13 cycle, which has surpassed the iPhone 12, will generate record quantities in 2022.

Overall pace has slowed somewhat since the arrival of the Samsung Galaxy S22 and improved management by Android makers in the face of supply restrictions.

Shares of Apple’s iPhone fell below 70% at Verizon and T-Mobile shops, with the majority reporting that demand for the Galaxy S22 was higher than in 2021.

The Android model’s supply has likewise mostly kept up with demand.

“That said,” Chatterjee says, “Apple’s share is above historical levels compared to usual seasonal share, and Wave7 Research feels the evidence suggests a fundamentally greater market share vs. prior share.”

Although store supply of the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro remains erratic, online availability for the series has stabilized. Representatives from carriers emphasized improved availability of the Pro models, which had more prolonged wait times early in the launch cycle.

Furthermore, JP Morgan reports that sales of older iPhone models in carrier shops remain modest – the investment bank estimates that older iPhone sales account for around 3% to 4% of all Apple devices sold. Many earlier iPhone models are becoming “increasingly difficult to locate.”

“With the recent release of the iPhone SE 3, we anticipate that previous models will continue to drop in popularity, since the 5G-enabled SE 3 now delivers an inexpensive 5G phone for the installed base of older phones,” Chatterjee adds.


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