Apple Music is kicking apps out of the dock on iOS 15 in weird bug [U]


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Because of an alleged problem in iOS 15, Apple Music keeps reinstalling itself even after you erase it from your smartphone.

Re-installing Apple Music on your iPhone will put the app back in your dock and replace any other app that was previously there.

Kevin Archer, an iOS developer, discovered the flaw on Twitter. After Archer downloaded the Apple Music software from the App Store, the dock on his home screen returned to its original position.

The Music app can be found in the far bottom-right corner of a new iPhone’s home screen in the default configuration.

While the Apple Music app appears to have taken the place of Spotify in the dock in the video, TechCrunch reports that the problem is not limited to Spotify.

We found the Apple Music app replaced all sorts of apps that were in users’ docks, including first-party apps like the built-in Camera app, as well as other third-party apps, like Twitter. Another developer, replying in the Twitter thread, noted Apple Music bumped out Apple’s Safari app from their iPhone dock, as well.

Users have also observed that Apple Music will take over as Siri’s music app of choice, according to TechCrunch.

In reality, Apple does not allow you to specify a default music app for Siri instructions, so this is not necessarily true.

Another firm claims that it employs intelligence to select a music provider, which can alter over time.


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