Apple fires engineering manager Ashley Gjøvik for allegedly violating company’s rules


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Apple fired Ashley Gjovik, its senior engineer program manager, on Thursday for allegedly violating the company’s policies regarding leaking corporate information. Gjovik posted on Twitter her feelings about Apple’s handling of harassment and sexism among employees.

Last month, Gjovik said in an interview about how she had been raising concerns about sexism at Apple for years while the company never offered her an ideal solution to the problem. She has been put on indefinite administrative leave and is no longer officially an Apple employee.

According to The Verge, Apple reached out earlier today to Gjovik regarding a sensitive Intellectual Property matter. The company also reported that Gjovik shared the information with Twitter.

Gjovik replied to Apple’s email, asking for the discussion to be kept in writing as she would like to send the correspondence to National Labor Relations Board. A representative from Apple informed her that she would be denied access to Apple’s systems because she had not participated in the discussion. She was then informed hours later that her contract with Apple had been terminated.

A representative from employee relations replied to Gjovik to inform her that she had not chosen to participate in the discussion. They would continue with the information they had and, “given the seriousness these allegations”, suspend her access Apple systems. Gjovik was notified by email hours later that her employment with Apple was ending effective tomorrow.

The engineer reported that she was uncomfortable with Apple’s privacy policies, which included allowing Apple to access personal information stored on employees’ devices.

A spokesperson for Apple told the Verge the company is “deeply committed to creating an inclusive workplace” but that it does not discuss employee matters “whenever a concern has been raised.”

Meanwhile, NLRB is investigating Apple following Ashley’s complaints and also other claims by Cher Scarlett, another Apple engineer who promoted an internal survey at Apple about the wage gap between men and women.


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