Apple drops trade-in value for Mac, iPad, and Apple Watch models, but iPhone unaffected


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Bad news if you’re wanting to trade in your old Mac, iPad, or Apple Watch for a new one.

Apple has reduced the anticipated values for all of these gadgets, which means you’ll earn less if you trade them in for a new product from the firm. The good news is that the value of the iPhone has not altered.

Furthermore, the trade-in value of several Samsung and Google smartphones has been reduced (via MacRumors).

The Apple Watch Series 2, which might be worth up to $20 as a tradein, is no longer accepted.

However, this is what you can earn with the revised trade-in values:

MacBook Pro: up to $1,000 (previously up to $1,350)

MacBook Air: up to $400 (previously up to $490)

MacBook: up to $220 (previously up to $315)

iMac Pro: up to $1,500 (previously $2,135)

iMac: up to $850 (previously up to $1,200)

Mac Pro: Up to $2,000 (previously $2,720)

iPad Pro: up to $655 (previously $680)

iPad Air: up to $190 (previously up to $335)

iPad: up to $190 (previously up to $200)

iPad mini: up to $200 (previously up to $205)

Apple Watch Series 6: up to $150 (previously up to $170)

Apple Watch SE: up to $120 (previously up to $135)

Apple Watch Series 5: up to $120 (previously up to $135)

Apple Watch Series 4: up to $85 (previously up to $105)

Apple Watch Series 3: up to $50 (previously up to $70)

While it’s difficult to guess iPad and Apple Watch trade-in prices, there might be a reason why Mac values have declined so dramatically.

With Apple having completed the shift from Intel to its CPUs, it’s only logical that Intel Macs are now worth less than they were before.

In the case of iPhones, Apple still offers up to $650 when turning in an iPhone 12 Pro Max. Older iPhone 6s are still accepted as trade-ins, but only for up to $30.

You can find the full list here.


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