Apple commits to a new supply chain security program after Tim Cook’s meeting with President Joe Biden


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Apple CEO Tim Cook participated in a meeting with President Joe Biden and other executives at the White House earlier today to discuss how companies can improve cybersecurity. Apple also announced it would create a program to increase the security of its supply chains around the globe.

CNBC reported that most companies at the event, including Microsoft, Google and Amazon, announced some form of cybersecurity improvement. Apple’s security protocol is being promoted by the company, which says it will collaborate with its suppliers to promote “mass adoption of strong security protocols such as event logging and multi-factor authentication”.Apple commits to a new supply chain security program after Tim Cook’s meeting with President Joe Biden

Apple has announced that it will create a program to ensure security improvements are made throughout the technology supply chain. Apple will collaborate with its suppliers, including over 9,000 in the United States, to promote the widespread adoption of multi-factor authentication and security training.

Amazon wants account holders to get multi-factor authentication devices free of charge to help protect their data. Microsoft has pledged $20 billion to enhance its security tools, and $150 million to assist government agencies in providing security training for their partner agencies.

After multiple hacker attacks against critical infrastructure from Russian and Chinese hackers, President Biden met with him. It’s not clear when these measures will be implemented by each company.


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