Apple AR glasses launch could mark end of Tim Cook era


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Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO for the past 10 years, is currently considering his exit strategy. According to a new report, it won’t happen soon as the executive will wait for the launch of “one additional major product category.”

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman says that Apple believes Cook wants to stay for one more major product category. This is most likely to be augmented reality sunglasses rather than a car, something that is even further out.

Next big thing: Apple AR glasses

For years, there have been unconfirmed reports about Apple’s plans to create AR glasses. They would enable the wearer to do nearly everything with an iPhone but through a heads up display that is held in front of them. Information would be overlayed onto the real world and not replaced.

These glasses are not expected to be released until 2025, although it is possible that they will. Rumours suggest that Apple’s AR glasses are just around the corner. Or maybe they won’t debut until 2025.

The Apple car project is no secret. However, developing reliable self-driving technology has proved more difficult than people thought just a few years back.

Tim Cook was Apple’s CEO for over a decade

Cook took over as CEO from Steve Jobs almost exactly 10 years ago. Cook is 60 years old and has been with Apple for 23 years.

His tenure brought very successful new products like Apple Watch and AirPods. There are also some less well-known ones like HomePod. He could be there for five more years if he stays around to see the launch of Apple’s AR glasses. But he has himself has said he probably won’t be at Apple for another decade. Cook said this spring that ten years is too long.

Although there is a lot of speculation as to who might take over, there are no clear answers. Cook has not even mentioned a possible successor. It could be Craig Federighi, the head of software development. Or Greg Joswiak, the head of marketing. Or perhaps Deirdre O’Brien, who is charge of Apple HR and retail.

Gurman notes in his Bloomberg article that many Apple executives are almost as old as Cook. He’s not going anywhere for many years. This raises the question of whether someone approaching retirement age would like to take over one world’s biggest companies.


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