Apple 2021 “Close Your Rings” challenge gift, designers of AirTag receive custom display

Apple seems to have provided a unique AirTag display to the team members who created the Find, My trackers. The display includes six AirTags with signatures from team members and is set in a stylish glass frame.

The company also began distributing the annual gift for those who completed the “Close Your Rings” Apple Watch fitness challenge.
Apple has previously given custom fitness rings to employees in the past. They come in many styles.

The gift this year is completely different.

The gift can be seen in multiple photos that employees have shared on LinkedIn. The gift includes three towels with Apple Fitness themes for working out. The Apple gift box is classic with 3 fitness rings on the top. A small card congratulating employees for their successes is included in the box.Apple 2021 “Close Your Rings” challenge gift, designers of AirTag receive custom display

The card reads: “Congratulations for completing the fifth anniversary Close Your Rings Challenge.”

You care deeply about your body and the health of your team members.
Apple encourages employees to develop healthier habits and make new human connections. The card states that you will continue to benefit from the healthier habits and new human connections developed during the challenge. Unroll all the possibilities. It’s your right.

Apple 2021 “Close Your Rings” challenge gift, designers of AirTag receive custom display
Frank de Jong, an Apple product designer, shared the AirTag display on LinkedIn. The stainless steel AirTag backplate is located in the middle of the frame.

Six white AirTag caps with team signatures are placed in a circular design around the backplate of AirTag. In the background, you can see the six-color stage at the Apple Park Ring.



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