Another leaker is telling Apple Watch Series 7 is coming in new 45mm size

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UnclePan, an anonymous user, shared details on Weibo about the Apple Watch Series 7. He said that it will be available in two sizes: 41mm and 45mm. Another leaker confirms the same information, sharing a sketchy image of an Apple Watch band that has the label “45mm”.

The image comes from DuanRui, who has a mixed track record when it comes to leaks. Twitter user shared an image of the Leather Loop band that would fit the Apple Watch. This watch band is now labeled as “45mm” instead of “44mm”.

Although this image could be faked, there are reasons to believe it is a watch band for the next-generation Apple Watch.

For some time, rumors have been circulating about the Apple Watch Series 7’s new design. It will feature flat edges and updated displays. A recent rumor suggests that Apple may increase the size of its Apple Watch displays by slightly increasing their dimensions from 40mm and 44mm respectively to 41mm, and 45mm.

This doesn’t mean that the Apple Watch watch case will be bigger. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman said in June that the Apple Watch Series 7 display will have thinner bezels, which is in line with rumors of a slightly larger display. UnclePan stated that watch bands from the previous Apple Watch Series 7 models will be compatible.

Apple Watch Series 4 was the first Apple Watch to be offered in a 38mm or 42mm version. The old watch bands were compatible with Series 4 and subsequent models, so it is possible that Series 7 will be compatible with them.

Apple Watch Series 7 is due to be introduced in September alongside the iPhone 13 line.


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