AirTag tracking alert hits teenager’s phone at Disney World – without locating tracker


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A Tennessee family was enjoying a day at the Magic Kingdom when they got a surprise message that an unknown AirTag was among them.

Jennifer Gaston’s adolescent daughter received an alert on her iPhone indicating that an AirTag was following her.

Jennifer tells a Tennessee TV station, “It showed that it was initially detected with her at 7:09 PM, and we received the warning at about 11:33 PM.

When the daughter clicked on the message, she was sent to a map with a line linking all of the locations the family had visited in the previous four hours.

I’d seen videos of individuals warning others about them and what they were essential. So that’s how I recognized what they were, and I didn’t disregard the message, “the daughter said.”

The Gaston family checked their things after getting the warning but were unable to locate the AirTag. They decided to contact the cops anyhow as they drove back to their motel.

According to the family, it is critical to do some studying in order to understand what these gadgets are. It’s critical to have suitable phone settings in place so that you can be alerted if an unrecognized device is discovered among your belongings.

Because the family could not find the AirTag, the Orange County Sheriff’s Office was unable to identify a criminal infraction.

The office did, however, prepare an incident report on the issue. OSCO thinks that the notice might have been “wrong” because there were so many Apple devices near Disney on that day.

Apple’s AirTag tracking warnings have been updated

Apple has recently made improvements to address AirTag stalking issues; when you set up a new AirTag, a privacy notice now appears.

The message specifies that the gadget is intended to monitor possessions and not for stalking. It also mentions that your AirTag is linked to your Apple ID, and that law enforcement may seek this information.

Apple has improved its alerting mechanism for detecting unknown Find My Devices.

When the Gaston family received the “AirTag Found Moving With You” notice, they received this. There are also new notifications for Android users who come across an unfamiliar AirTag.


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