After six months on the job, an Apple Car self-driving expert moves on to an autonomous sensor company

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Apple has lost another member of the Project Titan team, which is working on a completely self-driving electric vehicle.

Christopher (CJ) Moore has left Apple after less than a year on the job, according to a recent Bloomberg story. Prior to his brief tenure at Apple, Moore was a director of Tesla’s Autopilot unit.

Apple Car Exits are still happening

Moore is leaving Apple’s self-driving vehicle team to join Luminar, a company that claims to be “creating the mobility future.By allowing the “first real-world deployments of autonomy and next-generation safety features at scale,” the business hopes to “make autonomous mobility safe and widespread.

Moore will be in charge of the software team at Luminar, which will build autonomous safety features that will be incorporated into the company’s LiDAR technology.

In a statement released on Wednesday, Luminar confirmed the employment. The business also stated that key executives from Nvidia, Tesla, and other firms had been hired.


“With industry-defining technology and now nearly a dozen major commercial wins in hand, Luminar is ready for its next phase of leadership as we focus all-in on execution,” said Luminar Founder and CEO, Austin Russell. “We’re attracting the best leaders in the world in their fields to execute our vision and deliver on the future of transportation.”

Moore is the latest in a long line of Apple Car team members to leave. Ford hired Apple’s Doug Field last year. Field worked for Apple until 2013, when he was hired by Tesla to assist with the Model 3 manufacturing ramp.

In 2018, he returned to Apple to work on the Apple Car project before joining Ford in September.

Apple reportedly hired Desi Ujkashevic, a 31-year Ford veteran, to assist head the Apple Car project earlier this month. Kevin Lynch, Apple’s VP of technology, is thought to be leading the Apple Car team.

By 2025, Apple hopes to develop an electric car with complete self-driving capability.

According to reports, the corporation hopes that it’s self-driving auto technology would be so dependable that the vehicle will not require a steering wheel or pedals.


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