After reaching $3 trillion market valuation, Apple already lost 25% this year

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Three days after 2022 started, Apple stocks peaked at roughly $182.90 during intraday trading, becoming the Cupertino business the first corporation in the world to be valued at $3 trillion.

But after hitting this height, the iPhone maker’s shares have dropped 25 percent in these last four months.

Apple has an “increasing reliance on ever-expanding services and continued worldwide success with iPhone, iPad, and the Mac.” Apple also has a variety of new markets to target with high hopes for the competitively priced 5G iPhone SE, a multi-year roadmap for the company’s pending entry to virtual reality and augmented reality headsets, and a clearer vision for the long-rumored Apple Car project.

Although the corporation has continued to set sales records in recent fiscal quarters, it has lost more than $800 billion in capitalization as tech stocks have plummeted, according to Bloomberg.

The journal believes the rising risk that the Federal Reserve’s interest-rate rises might tip the US into recession.

“In the same way that Apple benefited from the Fed-fueled bull market, it will suffer as the low interest rate and quantitative easing subsidies fade,” said David Trainer, chief executive officer at investment research firm New Constructs.

Furthermore, experts have reduced their forecasts for Apple’s fiscal third-quarter earnings by 7.8 percent.

Revenue predictions are down approximately 4.2 percent over the same time, according to Bloomberg, and “the stock also has the lowest percentage of analyst buy recommendations in more than a year.

KeyBanc Capital Markets sees signs of softer US demand, citing credit card data spending. Others have raised concerns about the pace of revenue growth at the company’s App Store, with Morgan Stanley adding that this poses risks to its estimates for Apple’s Services business. According to data compiled by Bloomberg, Apple derived 18.7% of its fiscal 2021 revenue and more than 30% of gross profit from services.

While Apple has some exciting announcements to make in the coming years, like its Mixed Reality headset, AR headset, and even a vehicle project, the firm is also preparing a new iPhone series, Apple Watches, Macs, and iPads for the second half of the year.

Will this be enough to make the corporation move back to a $3 trillion market cap? We’ll have to follow and see.


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