A working Apple-1 first batch computer with a handwritten serial number by Steve Jobs is available for sale


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Apple-1 computers are very uncommon and have gained in value significantly over the last several decades, with functional ones fetching more than $700,000. A rare Apple-1 first batch computer with a handwritten serial number by Steve Jobs is now up for sale.

This Apple-1 comes with the original monitor, a Datanetics keyboard, a contemporary cassette interface, a power supply, wires, and a facsimile of the original manual with the inscription “Think Different!” signed by Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne.

Meanwhile, the serial number has been shown to be written by Steve Jobs.

The first batch of Apple-1, the holy grail of antique computer collecting, is shown here. This first-batch computer is operational.

This offering, ranked seventh on the Apple-1 Registry, is the only first-batch sample to be auctioned in a lot of years, and it is the first Apple-1 ever sold with a validated serial number (“01-0050”) scrawled by Steve Jobs.

Former Apple employee Daniel Kottke has confirmed that the Apple-1 is in functioning order, according to auction company Goldin (one of the first to work on the Apple-1).

This rare Apple-1 has been up for sale for a little over two weeks, with an opening offer of $250,000.

Check out the official auction listing for more information.


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