A number of iPhone 13 users have been reportedly suffering from a pink screen


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A small number of iPhone xr units are experiencing a pink screen due to a software issue, not hardware. Apple support is currently looking into the problem.

Recently there’s been a major issue with the release of the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro in late 2021. A few users have experienced their iPhones freezing and displaying a pink screen.

There are many reports online of people experiencing this problem. The symptoms are generally a pink screen, system freezes, and overall instability.

We don’t know what might be causing the problem, but it seems like it can be fixed.

This is not a new phenomenon. There are many possible causes of the problem, even if we don’t know what it is. Others have fixed the same problem in the past, meaning that it’s possible to fix this one too.

Some users solve the problem by resetting their phone’s settings, while others report that they contacted Apple and exchanged their handsets.

MyDrivers found that Apple is aware of this issue. It wasn’t specified who first found it, but they have recognized the problem exists.

A customer service representative told a consumer that the team hadn’t received “relevant notices” that it was a hardware problem, but said it was a system issue instead.

The problem is not the software but the hardware, according to an Apple representative. There are some bugs in iOS 11 that are causing crashes and these issues are being addressed with software updates.

Some photos & screenshots of the device in question show a bright pink display, but icons like the signal and battery indicators are normal. This would indicate that there might not be a hardware problem.

If your device suffers from this bug, then the best course of action is to back up your data and either do a factory reset or update iOS to the latest version. If the issue continues to occur, then you may need to consult Apple Support.


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