Apple promotes Music playlists and games for Brazil’s Carnival

Carnival in Brazil begins on Saturday. Although the customary festivities in Sa Paulo and Rio de Janeiro are not expected until April.

Apple is honoring this event by advertising Apple Music playlists and App Store games.

Apple is been advertising Apple Music playlists primarily through its Brazilian page.

One of the lists is titled “Around Brazil” (Pelo Brazil), and it includes genres such as forró, sertanejo, and pagode baiano. This playlist is available for listening here.

Whether it’s forró, sertanejo or pagode baiano, regional music flourishes in Brazil—spreading from the countryside to sprawling metropolises, where it merges with potent urban sounds. These viral party starters blend all of the above with piseiro, brega funk and other local sounds in a pulsating Brazilian cocktail where anything new and exciting goes.

Apple promotes Music playlists and games for Brazil’s CarnivalThere’s no Carnival in Brazil without samba.

Whether you love the sound of one of the country’s most iconic genres or never heard about it, you have everything from traditional songs to more modern ones with this playlist here.

A cold drink, a few friends, and the beat of Brazil—what more do you need? From traditional-leaning sounds to modern hybrids (with pop, hip-hop, and whatever else), this playlist collects the best new releases in samba and pagode, in studio and ao vivo. We regularly refresh this collection with new music. If you like a track, add it to your library.

Finally, but certainly not least, enjoy the joyful sound of a street celebration with Marchinhas Essentials.

This is true samba at its finest and will quickly transport you back to the good ol’ days of Rio de Janeiro’s Carnival street festivities. Here is the playlist.

Apple is also pushing a story on the Brazilian App Store that includes games to play during Carnival, albeit the selection makes little sense in light of the theme:

You can find all Brazil’s Carnival playlists featured on the country’s store here.

Are you excited to try Brazilian Carnival now – or, as we say in Brazil: Carnaval? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.



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