Everything You Need to Know About 100% VG E-Juice Canada

Because you are reading this article, we assume that you might be looking for a smooth and satisfying vaping experience. Maybe the Canadian vape juices you have been using do not give you a great experience anymore and you need something better.

Well, guess what? You are in just the right place. We will be talking about 100% VG e-juice Canada, one of the most popular vapes around the world.

Everything that you need to know about this interesting vape product including what it is, how to consume it, as well as the perks it comes with, has all been provided in this guide. Just continue scrolling down to learn more.

What is 100% VG E-Juice Canada?

The first question that you might be asking yourself is: What exactly is 100% VG e-liquid Canada? VG, which simply stands for vegetable glycerin, is a natural liquid that is derived from vegetable oils. When we talk about 100% VG e-juice Canada, we are simply talking about a liquid that is entirely made of only VG without any other additives.

Contents of 100% VG E-liquid Canada

As hinted, 100% VG e-liquid Canada usually contains only vegetable glycerin. It is a clear, odorless, and slightly sweet liquid. This specific liquid is not only used in e-liquids, other industries such as the food and cosmetic industries use it to make their products. 

The best thing that makes it perfect in the vaping world is its ability to produce dense clouds of vapor, making it a favorite amongst cloud chasers. If you are one of them, why not try here and find yourself the best 100% VG e-juice to vape today? 

Types of 100% VG E-Juice 

There are various types of 100% VG e-liquid Canada in existence. Let’s take a look at some.

  • Fruit infusions – These e-juices combine VG with natural fruit extracts, delivering a burst of fruity flavors with every puff. You have the option of selecting one fruit flavor or a cocktail of different fruits.
  • Dessert flavors – Dessert-inspired 100% VG e-juice Canada offers the indulgence of cakes, pastries, and other sweet treats without guilt. Most people go for their favorite dessert taste, which is often a mixture of various flavors.
  • Menthol blends – Minty and refreshing, menthol VG e-juices provide a cooling sensation that enhances the vaping experience. These are perfect for beginners, but anyone else can also enjoy them.
  • Tobacco varieties – For those who crave the taste of tobacco, there are 100% VG e-juices that replicate the rich, earthy flavors of traditional tobacco products. As we all know, Canada produces the best tobacco in the world, and you cannot go wrong with this.
  • Beverage e-juices – From coffee to smoothies, these blends capture the essence of your favorite drinks, providing a unique vaping adventure.

How to Consume 100% VG E-Juice Canada

Using 100% VG e-juice Canada is similar to using any other e-liquid. You’ll need a compatible vaping device such as a vape pen, pod system, or mod. Fill the tank or cartridge with your chosen 100% VG e-liquid Canada ensuring not to overfill. Allow the wick to saturate for a few minutes, then start vaping. Keep in mind that VG e-liquids can be thicker than those containing PG, so occasionally cleaning or replacing coils may be necessary.

Benefits of 100% VG E-Juice Canada

There are so many benefits that come with using this product. One is that it will provide the user with the smoothest vapor they have ever experienced. Here are a few benefits in detail.

  • Allergen-friendly – Some vapers are sensitive to propylene glycol, experiencing throat irritation or other allergic reactions. 100% VG e-juice offers an alternative for those individuals.
  • Smooth vapor – VG’s thick consistency creates a smoother and denser vapor production, resulting in a more satisfying vaping experience.
  • Cloud chasing – If you enjoy performing tricks and creating impressive clouds of vapor, 100% VG e-juice Canada is an excellent choice due to its cloud-friendly nature.
  • Customization – VG e-juices can be mixed with other e-liquids to customize the flavor, nicotine strength, and vapor production according to your preferences.
  • Natural base – VG is derived from vegetable sources, making it an attractive option for vapers who prioritize natural ingredients.


In the diverse world of vaping, 100% VG e-juice Canada is just what you need today. It gives you the smoothest and most flavorful experience. Whether you’re a cloud chaser, flavor enthusiast, or someone with sensitivities to PG, exploring the realm of 100% VG e-liquid Canada can open up a whole new realm of vaping enjoyment.

Remember to always choose reputable brands and consult product labels for information on ingredients and nicotine content before making your selection. 



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