5 Best Paw Butters

Dogs run freely as getting bruises on their paws is so easy.

Dog paws are prone to dryness and cracks in all seasons as their feet are excessively exposed to the ground perhaps having a tiny molecule that could trigger the paws to get cracked or hurt.

Another reason for hurting paws is having an excess keratin production that thickens the paw and causes it to break which gives a discomfort feeling to your pet. Thus, experts made a paw butter that will rescue every hurting paw of our pets.

We’ll just give you a few lists of the best paw butter and hope for you pick one of these.

The Top 5 Best Paw Butter

HUFT Organic Paw Butter For Dogs

Let’s get it started with a naturally made paw butter made by Huft.

Aside from being organic, it is also made out of vegetables extract and essential oils that are used for moisturizing a cracked paw and it has the power to remove flea and tick. It is non-odor and alcohol-free paw butter thus dogs will not mistakenly eat it and it prevents odor sensitivity in your pet.


  • All vegan
  • Has no strong scent
  • Effective in healing dried paws


  • A bit pricey

Why do we praise it

  • Its ability to remove fleas and tick seems unusual for this kind of substance but it can manage it.


The Blissful Dog Organic Paw Butter

Another paw butter that gives protection on your pet’s paws the whole day is made in Minnesota and contains all-natural butter and organic ingredients with so much essential oil for more moisturizing power. It is applied 2 to 3 times daily until the swollen paw has healed. Dogs will love to lick it out thus catching your pet’s attention by giving it food, or throwing a ball could stop it from licking.


  • It works after two days (earlier than the expected effectiveness day)
  • Can be applied the whole day without getting removed


  • A bit expensive

Why do we praise it

  • According to the reviews, it healed their pet’s paws immediately right after a few days of use.


Pet Head Oatmeal Natural Paw Butter

Not just fit for dogs but also human’s use but primarily used by dogs.

It might smell fruity-like but it does not trigger a dog to lick on it but to get comfortable on it when applied on the cracking paws. Naturally made and has high nourishing power that cures and eases hurting paws.


  • Petroleum free
  • USA-made product
  • Has a pH balanced


  • Did not work on other users.

Why do we praise it

  • Unlike other creams or waxes, it doesn’t get messy when applied because of its firmness.


Paw Soother by Natural Dog Company

100% natural and vegan made out of essential oils and butter that are all safe to be eaten and are used to heal crack and dry paw pads, and even other bad paw conditions like allergies and serious illness. It doesn’t just heal the affected areas but it also revives the paws into their original state. Simply applied like a lip balm.


  • Convenient to use
  • All-natural, organic, and vegan made
  • The USA certified


  • Expensive
  • A negative response from other  users

Why do we praise it

  • The company offers a 90-day guarantee which is good for beginners if it didn’t click on their satisfaction because it’s so pricey. But, many users approved of its effectiveness.


Certified Organic Paw Balm by Bodhi Dog

If you’re worried about your pet’s sensitive nature, this paw balm will assure 100% safety for it is highly organic and USA-made certified thus it is safe when intake by a pet and will cause no irritations. Also, it can be used by cats that have swollen paws and helps to moisturize the hurting into its original form.


  • Can be applied easily
  • Has hypoallergenic  formula
  • Rich in essential oils and extracts


  • Other pets loved to lick it when applied

Why do we praise it

  • It has a very natural scent that is adaptable by dogs and cats and is all-organic made which is safe for ingestion.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What is paw butter?

Paw butter is a substance that is used to cure cracking and dried pet paw by rendering a moisturizing ingredient such as essential oils and vitamins. May it be natural or organic made or some manufacturers add up a few safe chemicals on it.

  • Why would I choose paw butter rather than coconut oil?

Unlike paw butter that can easily stick on the paw, coconut oil is much messy and can be easily removed and also cannot provide better healing than paw butter.

  • Is it safe when lick by my pet?

Mostly, paw butter is naturally made and vegan made thus making it safe when intake by your pet. Hence, do not allow your pet to continue licking it for it may not completely cure the paw.

  • When will I use paw butter?

You can use it whenever there’s a starting point of cracking in your pet’s paws for it’s much better to take immediate action but if no cracking you can apply it daily as you walk down the roads for added protection.

  • How can I pick the best paw butter?

First, you need to consult your pet’s veterinarian to be more sure about the product you will pick then choose a natural, organic and vegan-made paw butter to avoid further irritations on your pet’s paw. Also, check if it is USDA-certified.


A dog will run freely if its paws are all set. Paw butter is the key to an all set paw for your pet and as mentioned above the most picked products by a pet lover like you. If I were you, buy your pet the best paw butter.

If there is a question you want to raise, comment it down below and we will give our point on that.



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