Sketchy video of MagSafe case boxes may confirm ‘iPhone 13’ naming

A leaker named “PinkDon” has shared a new video of what appears to be iPhone 13 Pro Max MagSafe cases being packaged for distribution. It wasn’t known if the “12S” or 13-letter naming scheme would be used for this year’s iPhones. These cases could be fake.

Latest:Original poster has deleted the video. While I’m not going to speculate on what this might mean, please continue to take the leaked video with a grain.

This video shows a lot of black silicone Apple MagSafe box boxes wrapped in plastic and distributed. The video does not show any other cases colors or materials such as leather.

Apple is expected to refresh its MagSafe collection with new colors this year by launching Apple’s iPhones. This is similar to what they did in the past.

These cases may be fake, as we have already mentioned. Many MagSafe fake cases are out there. Take this information with a grain.

We are likely to be only a week away from the official iPhone 13 launch announcement. Therefore, it shouldn’t surprise that more leaks will pop up in the coming days.



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