Man in Florida guilty for thousand iPhone fraud

Man pleads guilty to large iPhone theft. Greenwich Apple Store was the victim of more thefts. In Pennsylvania, the warehouse burglary resulted in a restitution.

Man pleads guilty to fraud involving more than 1,000 iPhones

A Florida man has pleaded guilty to federal charges of wire fraud and money laundering, as well as conspiracy to steal large quantities of iPhones.

“Devices were sent to different Apple Stores and third party vendors. “The man pleaded guilty and agreed to surrender a Lamborghini Urus and $619,184 cash, 60 pieces of gold, and diamond jewelry.

Another theft at Apple Store Greenwich

In the early hours of August 25, burglars broke into the Apple Store in Greenwich. They stole 13 iPhones. Patch said that the iPhones were found nearby the store.

Earlier in the month, more than $1,000 worth of Apple Pencils had been taken from the same Apple Store.

Another councilman has been charged with embezzlement. He is accused of wiping iPad

Roanoke’s city councilman was arrested in August for felony embezzlement. He was also accused of wiping his iPad remotely after it was seized as part of the embezzlement investigation.

A worker is accused of iPhone theft.

A Pennsylvania appeals court has overruled an earlier ruling ordering a warehouse worker accused of stealing 40 iPhones to pay $26,000 in restitution.

Penn Live reported that the warehouse originally accused the man for taking 40 iPhone 11s each, each valued at $52,000. The man’s lawyer later pointed out that the iPhone 11s were not yet released to the public at that time. He also admitted that there wasn’t a clear record of the theft.

The court ruled that the testimony of the security guard was insufficient to support the court’s restitution award, “Given insufficient information about the phones stolen from the Syncreon Facility and the lack of evidence otherwise establishing the loss,” ”

A man found iPad in a plane and tracked it down

In August, a Texas man realized that his iPad had been left on a plane. But it was actually an apartment complex.

He called KPRC Houston but ultimately decided to disable it.

iCloud evidence is another Capitol riot case

Another case involving iCloud evidence against a Jan 6, Capitol riot defendant is that of the 61-year-old man who was famously photographed sitting at Nancy Pelosi’s desk. The Arkansas Democrat Gazette reported that authorities had accessed his iCloud but that the phone was not located.

He has been charged with seven offenses, including carrying a ZAP Hike ‘N Strike 950,000 Volt Gun walking stick.

Indian Olympic athlete arrested following iPhone theft

Indian man, who was described as a “gold-medalist in national wrestling games,” was arrested for theft. 50 iPhones and other devices were taken.

Man wants fake “transfers” of iPhones from T-Mobile Store

The Tennessee police are looking for a man they believe pretended to work for T-Mobile to steal two iPhone 12 Pro Max smartphones.



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