Just 6% of iPhone owners in the US use Apple Pay in stores Survey suggests

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PYMENTS.com has released a new survey that shows only 6% of iPhone users in the United States use Apple Pay in-store, despite the fact that they have the feature enabled on their devices. According to the survey, “93.9%” of iPhone owners with Apple Pay enabled do not use it in-store for payment.

This data was compiled from a study by PYMENTS that included 3,671 Americans. One interesting fact in the data is the decline in mobile wallet usage during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We asked respondents what payment method they used to shop in stores in the past 24 hours and compared that data to previous studies. Between 2019 and 2021, cash usage declined by 20.1%. Credit card use increased 33.8% and debit card use decreased slightly by 7.2%.

Mobile wallet usage in-store fell 26.2%

However, Apple Pay usage in stores has remained stable, though it is small, while other mobile wallets have declined. The decline in mobile wallet usage in 2021 is largely due to the decrease in the use of other “Pays”, in-store.

This survey only focuses on the United States. Banks and retailers have taken longer to switch to contactless payments technology than the banks and retailers. Apple Pay is more popular in countries that have made the switch to contactless payments technology at a faster pace than the United States.

Apple is proud to announce that Apple Pay has a few benefits and is accepted by over 85% of American retailers. Apple claims that Apple Pay is:

  • It’s faster and easier to use cards or cash than it is.
  • Accepted by over 85 percent of U.S. retailers
  • It’s safer than pressing buttons and exchanging money.
  • Security and privacy built-in

PYMENTS’s full report is well worth reading. It also contains interesting data on other payment methods used in shops by shoppers.


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