How to move Google Authenticator to your new iPhone


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When you update to a new iPhone/Android device, make sure that Google Authenticator is working properly.

Google Authenticator, an app and a service that offers two-step authentication with no risks associated in text messages, is a trusted service you can use every day.

If you’re upgrading from an Android phone to an iPhone 12 or an older iPhone, these steps are important.

Setup your new phone

This can be done by both the app and the online Google Authenticator service.Setup your new phone

Go for your Google Account Click hereSecurityThen there’s the best part:2-Step Verification.

On the page that you see, there is a section called “How to make your own page”.App for authenticatingClick here Click hereChange your phone.Setup your new phone

This will help you set up your device. The QR code will be displayed.

Open Google Authenticator for your iPhone. Click the plus icon at the bottom of the screen. Next, make your choiceScan barcode. You will be asked to confirm that you have permission to use your camera by the app. After you’ve done that, you can point your phone at the QR code.

In the app, you will be given a 6-digit new number.

More or Less accomplished

This may be all you need.

You may have more than one. In that case, you will need to do it again. The sole difference being at the stage where you go to You can then enter any other or subsequent Google Account.

Disable authentication for services that use the Google Authenticator code generation service.

Another thing. Here’s another tip: In the event that you want to delete Google Authenticator from an old device, make sure you have all Google Accounts set up.


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