Apple hypes next weeks iPhone 13 event with AR portal experience


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Apple has officially announced its iPhone 13 event for September 14 and along with the reveal, the company has continued its recent tradition of including a fun Easter egg for iPhone and iPad users. An AR portal is now available.

Apple started including AR Easter eggs in each event announcement last year. One was available for the Apple Watch event, iPhone 12 launch and M1 Mac event. The 2021 Spring Loaded event also received one.Apple hypes next weeks iPhone 13 event with AR portal experience

Apple now has another Easter egg for the “California streaming”. If you head to Apple’s Events page on your iPhone or iPad, tap on the event logo/Apple logo at the top to launch the AR experience.

The clever portal design is the Easter egg for this event. After the AR Apple logo appears (may take a while to load), you can walk into the lake/mountain landscape to see the 9.14 event date.

There are also some neat sounds effects including spatial audio support that transitions into the song “Weather” by WDL.

You can check out the AR Easter for yourself from an iPhone or iPad as well as in the tweet from Apple SVP of worldwide marketing Greg Joswiak below. And pointed out by Michael Steeber, this AR experience is very “technically elaborate.”


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