Recipe software ‘Pestle’ for iOS has received a significant upgrade that includes a new editor, a photo scanner, and several more features

“Pestle,” an iOS recipe app, recently received an update that included additional sharing possibilities for its users.

The pestle has been given a major makeover by Will Bishop, the creator of the Apple Watch app Chirp. This includes a new editor, photo scanner, and Quick Notes compatibility, among other things.

Pestle is an app that allows you to import recipes from any website, for those who have never used it before.

Using the software, they are immediately converted into a step-by-step process. In older versions of the app, you could cook with others, use voice commands, and print out a recipe.

The app is receiving even more features in version 1.1. There are more possibilities in the Recipe Editor now that you can alter nutrition information, add sources, and even URLs to video clips.

Pestle’s new API allows it to read the text in images and turn them into digital recipe files.

Among the new features of the iPad edition is the ability to use Quick Notes.

You can quickly add a quick note on the recipe you’re looking at in the right corner of the screen, along with a direct link to the app in iPadOS 15. also resolves general problems, according to the developer.

Pestle may be downloaded for free from the App Store for iPhone and iPad with in-app purchases if you’d like to give it a spin.



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