public beta for macOS users launches WhatsApp for Desktop

WhatsApp has launched a beta version of its desktop app. Windows and macOS users can now sign up for the beta program to get all the new features in the app.

WABetaInfo says that WhatsApp is using this public beta to enhance multi-device support and to get feedback from users.

Users who sign up for the program become beta testers. They will automatically receive any updates. The current version available for public use is 2.2133.1.

WABetaInfo mentions that this build offers a new experience when recording voice messages. Waveforms can be seen while recording voice messages. Users can also pause and listen to the audio before they are sent. This feature is also being developed for WhatsApp iOS, according to the website.

Beta testers can report bugs in WhatsApp Desktop Settings, Contact Us and send screenshots to help the team understand what’s going on.

Apart from that, WhatsApp is also readying the launch of an iPad app. Multi-device compatibility will allow users to stay connected to WhatsApp even if their smartphones are not available or their batteries run low.

In an interview with TechRadar a WhatsApp spokesperson stated that this feature will allow users to use WhatsApp “without having to have your smartphone connected”.

Multi-device is a way for users to access the same functionality as the public version of WhatsApp Web, Desktop, and Portal. Users will not need to connect their phone. Multi-device capabilities instantly make the experience more enjoyable for users of Desktop/Web or Portal. It will also make it possible to support more types of devices over time.



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