EU to propose common charger for all smartphones, ignores Apple’s protest

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According to reports, the European Union’s long-standing plan to harmonize charging cables for smartphones and other devices is formally presented and could be made into legislation.

Despite Apple’s objections to the necessity of a legally mandated common charger standard for all devices, the EU is currently drafting legislation to address the issue. Apple claims that the new standard will increase e-waste, while the EU maintains that a common standard would reduce electronic garbage.

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These included suggestions for various ways to achieve a common charger in 2019. A manufacturer may be required to use a connector that makes their charger compatible with other manufacturers.

The EU has been pushing for a single charger since around 13 years ago. Companies like Apple signed a voluntary memorandum to understand, which agreed to work together on harmonizing chargers.

The EU believes this move was a failure and will require companies to comply if they do not want to.

Apple stopped shipping power adapters in 2020. The problem with Apple’s proprietary Lightning connector is why the EU recommends either the USB-C or the USB 2.0 micro B, which other vendors commonly use.


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