et Another Safari Redesign on iOS 15

Apple just released iOS 15 beta 6 for developers. While we don’t know what changed, the company confirmed that iOS 15 beta6 brings another redesign to Safari. The company appears to have reversed some changes to Safari for iPhone.

According to the release notes for iOS 15 beta 6, today’s update brings an option to show the Safari address bar at the top. iOS 15 had an old address bar that floated at the bottom of the screen. This caused many users to be unhappy about the new Safari.

The tab bar at the bottom of the page has been redesigned so that it appears below page content. You can also choose to display the address bar at top. (81118141).

Multiple buttons, including bookmarks, refresh page, bookmarks and share buttons, have been removed from Safari’s main interface due to its new layout. Apple has returned some of these buttons to the iPhone Safari addressbar with iOS 15 beta 3, following user feedback.

The company is now moving to a familiar user interface that looks similar to Safari in iOS 14 or earlier versions of iOS. You can choose from the unified address bar at bottom of screen or the traditional Safari design when you go to Safari preferences within the iOS Settings app.

Apple has made some modifications to the design to allow for some of the old navigation buttons to be restored, so even if you choose the new design, it is still worth considering. Similar options were already available in Safari on iPadOS 15 and macOS Monterey, which are both previous betas.

Although Apple isn’t abandoning the new Safari design completely, it is clear that users aren’t happy with it. The old design will be available again as an option. This is quite unusual for Apple.



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