Apple releases macOS Monterey public beta before fall release

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Apple released Tuesday’s beta version of macOS Monterey to the public for testing, ahead of a planned release later this fall.
This beta version contains the same bug fixes, performance enhancements, and system tweaks as the Monday developer beta.

Apple Beta Software Program members have the ability to update to the latest macOS Monterey version via System Preferences. Users who are not familiar with the software must create a configuration profile.

Apple’s next generation macOS operating system features a number of new features including Universal Control, Shortcuts, Quick Note, AirPlay, Focus, AirPlay to Mac, Focus and AirPlay for Mac.

First-party apps also get a new set of functions including SharePlay for iMessage, Safari tab organization and Live Text For Pictures, New Grid Views, and Spatial Audio for FaceTime.

Universal Control is one example of a feature that is not available for testing and may not be available when the operating system launches this fall.
AppleInsider advises against installing beta software on primary Macs, as they can be unstable and cause data loss.


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