Apple released new iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 public betas

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Apple is now releasing iOS 15 beta 1 for public beta testers, just a day after it was released to developers. This is iOS 15 public beta 5, and Apple calls it iOS 15 public beta 5. It includes the new Weather app icon, tweaks for the App Store, and many other features.

If you’re interested in signing up for Apple’s public beta testing program, you can do so via Apple’s website right here. Apple’s new software will not be available until the fall. For the moment, users of iOS 15 public beta should expect stability and performance issues.

The latest iOS 15 public beta build number is 19A5318f

Apple warns against running iOS 15 public beta

Apple Beta Software Program allows users to test out pre-release software. Your feedback on usability and quality helps us to identify and fix problems and improve Apple software. The beta software is not yet commercially available by Apple. It may have errors or inaccuracies that may cause it to not work as well as the commercially-released software. Before installing beta software, make sure you back up your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch using Time Machine.

For all of the details on what’s new in the latest iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 public betas, check out our full roundup right here. Highlights include:

  • A new icon has been added to the Weather app that adds depth. It is similar to the Maps icon in iOS 15.
  • New onboarding screens are available for Maps, Photos, and Home applications
  • New message to “iPhone Locatable after Power Off”
  • A new indicator is available in the App store for TestFlight beta versions of apps


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