Apple Arcade nets ‘Thumper: Pocket Edition+’ and ‘Zookeeper World’

Apple on Tuesday announced match-3 game “Zookeeper World” will arrive on Apple Arcade this Friday, with “Thumper: Pocket Edition+” soon to follow.

Kiteretsu developed “Zookeeper World”, a game that requires players to solve match-3 puzzles while they create and customize a virtual Zoo.

Puzzles can be completed to earn coins that can be used to purchase animals, equipment, and plants that will increase the Zoo’s “Charm”. A higher level of Charm attracts more visitors. This increases rank and unlocks new expansions.

Gems can be used to upgrade animals by beating “Mecha Bosss” and performing well in quests.

In future updates, new animals, puzzles, and events will be added regularly to the title.

When it launches on Friday, “Zookeeper World”, will be an Apple Arcade exclusive to iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV.

Apple Arcade is also set to debut an exclusive version of rhythm game “Thumper.” In “Thumper: Pocket Edition+” players are put in the shoes — or more accurately the shell — of a space beetle as it does battle with a maniacal giant head.

Apple Arcade features nine levels, boss battles, original music and smooth gameplay at up to 120 frames per seconds on supported devices. The new “PLAY+” mode offers more challenge and speed.

“Thumper Pocket Edition+” will soon be available for iPad and iPhone.



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