What’s the Difference between HBO Max, HBO GO, and HBO NOW?

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The internet streaming scene has expanded dramatically in recent years, but it’s become rather ludicrous. Every network that has ever produced a piece of material seems to be launching a streaming service. But why launch one streaming service when you can launch three? At least that was what HBO appeared to be thinking at one point.

For a while, HBO had three distinct streaming platforms: HBO GO, HBO NOW, and HBO Max. But what is the difference between the three, and which should you choose as a new subscriber?

Whats the difference between HBO Max, HBO GO, and HBO NOW?

To cut a long tale short, HBO GO and HBO NOW are no longer available. If you’re a new client seeking to sign up for an HBO subscription, HBO Max is the obvious option.

HBO Max is the only current HBO streaming platform

HBO GO and HBO NOW is no longer available as of this writing. Previously, HBO GO was the streaming service that those who had a cable TV subscription to HBO utilized.

HBO NOW was the next phase, serving as HBO’s independent subscription service. HBO Max is the third iteration of the service, which includes the prior two.

Since HBO Go and Now have been extinct, they have been replaced with an HBO Only subscription option under HBO Max.

A subscription option that makes little to no sense when the Ad-Free subscription option is available for the same price and includes greater material.

Examine the current HBO Max Subscription options

With Ads – $9.99/Mo

  • Does NOT include access to Warner Bros. 2021 movie premieres the same day as theaters
  • Stream thousands of hours of entertainment in HD

Ad-Free – $14.99/Mo

  • Get Warner Bros. 2021 movie premiers the same day as theaters – at no extra cost
  • Stream thousands of hours of entertainment in HD with select titles in 4K UHD
  • Download your favorite titles to watch anytime

HBO Only – $14.99/Mo

  • All of HBO’s original series, documentaries & movies
  • 4,000 hours of entertainment with no ads
  • Watch in HD, with select movies available in 4K UHD
  • Download your favorite titles to watch anytime

As you can see, there aren’t many reasons to choose HBO, and the ad-free subscription, in our view, provides the greatest value.

You can safely ignore HBO GO and HBO NOW and instead subscribe to whichever HBO Max bundle best meets your needs. Have fun streaming out there.


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