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Apple is a tech giant that never fails to release technologies that help people in diverse ways. It recently released an operating system upgrade – macOS Mojave. The update comes with several features and enhancements that improve the user experience.

If you are a Mac user or thinking of becoming one, you should know what macOS Mojave has in store. You’ll learn more about this new operating system update in this article.

Detailed discussion on Apple News macOS Mojave

New Dark Mode

One of the new features macOS Mojave provides is a “Dark Mode.” This feature allows users to change the color scheme of their desktop, windows, and apps to a darker mode. With the Dark Mode feature, users can reduce eye strain, especially when using their computer in low-light settings.

Improved Security

Security is a major concern for all OS updates, given the risk of hacks and data breaches. macOS Mojave comes with enhanced security features. The new feature requires user’s permission for an app to access data protected by macOS, such as your location data. It also comes with an Automatic Strong Password feature which creates and remembers a strong password for you.

Dynamic Desktop Feature

macOS Mojave introduces a new feature called “Dynamic Desktop.” This feature changes the desktop background picture automatically to match the time of day. It’s a cool and exciting feature that adds a new dimension to your Mac experience. This feature also includes various wallpapers that portray the Mojave desert.


This feature of macOS Mojave helps in organizing files and folders. It’s especially helpful for users who have a high number of files on their desktops. Stacks automatically organizes these files based on their type, date, or tag.

News App

The News app is an excellent feature of macOS Mojave. It lets users read digital publications from a single location. For example, you can read The New York Times, The Guardian, and other publications from the News app, making it more convenient for users to keep up with the latest news.

Concluding Thoughts on Apple News macOS Mojave

macOS Mojave has exciting new features that improve the user experience. Upgrading to the operating system offers users improved security, convenience, and aesthetics. With macOS Mojave, using your Mac will become even more of a pleasure due to the Dark Mode and Dynamic Desktop features.

The update should work on any Mac introduced in mid-2012 or later, as long as it’s running at least OS X Mountain Lion.

FAQs about Apple News macOS Mojave

How do I update to macOS Mojave?

You can update to macOS Mojave by going to the App Store, or you can visit Apple’s macOS Mojave page for more information.

Can my Mac run macOS Mojave?

Before upgrading to macOS Mojave, ensure that your Mac is compatible as not all Macs can run on the new operating system. Mid-2012 or newer MacBooks and iMacs are compatible with Mojave. For Macs released between 2009 and mid-2012, it is worth checking if your model supports the update.

How much storage space does macOS Mojave require?

macOS Mojave requires at least 20 GB of storage space on your Mac. Before upgrading to Mojave, ensure you free up enough storage space on your Mac.

What other features can I expect from macOS Mojave?

Other features of macOS Mojave include the Continuity Camera, screenshot markup, FaceTime group call support, and improvements to Siri and Safari.

Final Words

Apple News macOS Mojave is an excellent operating system upgrade that provides several new features and improvements to enhance user experience. From Dark Mode to Dynamic Desktop, users will love the new look of their Mac. Don’t forget to check if your Mac is compatible with the update before downloading it.



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