What is the difference between Hibernate and Sleep in Windows?

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You may have noticed that shutting down your computer or laptop has several alternatives. In addition to Shut Down and Restart, you may also notice an option to put your system into Standby or Hibernation mode.

But, with Windows, what’s the difference between Hibernate and Sleep? When is it better to employ one over the other?

What Does Sleep do in Windows?

Sleep is a state that you may put your computer into in Windows and most other operating systems to save power but not completely shut it down.

This mode conserves energy by turning off your display and halting background activities. It’s similar to pausing a movie and turning off the television.

By default, Windows 10 puts your computer to sleep after a period of inactivity. You may, however, alter those settings if you so choose. You may get right back to where you left off when you wake up your laptop or computer from sleep mode.

What Does Hibernate do in Windows?

Hibernate differs from Windows’ sleep mode in a few ways. This mode is a better option than totally turning off your computer.

When you hibernate a laptop, it creates a backup of itself. When you restart your computer, it will utilize this snapshot as a starting point.

Hibernating a computer isn’t available on all machines, and it’s particularly intended for laptops. Because it shuts down the computer fully rather than partially, this option saves more energy than sleeping.

When to use which?

How do we know which model to employ in which circumstance now that we’ve learned what each mode does?

It’s best to use Hibernate if you’re going to be away from your computer for a long time. Use Sleep if you’re just going to be away from your computer for a brief period.

In your power settings, you’ll find both sleep and hibernation choices. To access the menu, press Windows Key + Power Icon.When to use which?

On a Windows PC, you now know the difference between hibernating and sleeping.

Remember that hibernation is normally only available on laptops, so it’s fine to shut down or keep a desktop computer in sleep mode for lengthy periods.


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