What is About Blank in Your Browser?

About:blank pages are empty pages or tabs they can appear in a browser that has become disconnected from the internet, is out of memory, or otherwise is unable to load a page.

This web page does not appear to be harmful and is likely safe for your computer. It shows up as a pop-up after clicking on login so it could be preventing phishing.

This web page does not appear to be harmful and is likely safe for your computer. It shows up as a pop-up after clicking on login so it could be preventing phishing.

The about:blank page is actually a common browser page that has no content whatsoever. It’s used to designate an empty tab. The page is not a virus or malware, and it’s just the result of having no content on your browser tab.

The following page may show up on your computer for several different reasons.

Here, we’ll list the most common scenarios where you could find about:blank.

What is About Blank?

This is another type of Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) scheme that is commonly used in the browser for certain data about the state of a page. There are also other URIs, like plugins, cache, etc.

Your browser will show “about:blank” in the new tab title when opening it if you don’t have a homepage or new tab page set up.

When clicking a download link that opens in a new page, the browser may ensure navigability be providing a blank page.

This input text is instructing you to open up a blank page that redirects you to the download. When opening your browser for the first time, you may also see this page if it hasn’t been set to another homepage.What is About Blank in Your Browser?

Is about:blank a virus or malware?

Although this is rarely the case, people frequently mistake the about:blank page for a virus or spyware.

As previously stated, about:blank is a common URI scheme used in browsers such as Chrome, Mozilla, Internet Explorer, and Safari. However, browsers may be missing or destroyed as a result of an existing virus, malware, or adware attack.

How to fix about:blank Popups?

If you keep seeing about:blank pages popups when surfing the internet, it’s possible that you have adware on your computer.

If your browser was previously infected with malware or adware, it’s possible that files were corrupted or missing. This problem may be resolved by scanning your machine and reinstalling your browser.

The answer is contingent on the cause of the about:blank popups. Run a virus scan with any trustworthy scanner or anti-virus software first.

The built-in virus and threat prevention program in Windows accomplishes the job. Search for “Virus & Threat Protection” on your Start Menu. You may do a fast check, but you should make sure your threat protection and security intelligence are current.

If you keep getting pop-ups about:blank but don’t have any viruses, adware, or spyware on your computer, it might be normal browser behavior and nothing to worry about.

Users who get blank pages when opening their browser should try changing their homepage in the browser settings. Another alternative is to revert to the default settings in their browser.

In Chrome, go to Settings by clicking the three dots in the upper right corner. Then, on the left side, navigate to the Default Browser menu, reveal Advanced Options, and restore the settings to their original defaults.



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