What apple tv shows are free – a comprehensive guide for cord-cutters

Are you looking for TV shows that won’t dent your wallet? Do you own an Apple TV and don’t know where to begin your free streaming journey? Look no further, as in this post, we will give you a detailed breakdown of what Apple TV shows are free.

Apple TV has kept up with the changes of time and has introduced a variety of channels that offer free TV shows. For those not in the know, Apple TV is an online streaming platform that offers movies, shows, and live TV channels. Apple TV is one of the biggest competitors to Netflix and Amazon Prime, so it is no surprise that it offers a bunch of free TV shows too.

Free Apple TV Shows: A Detailed Breakdown

Here is a comprehensive list of free Apple TV shows grouped by channels:

Apple TV+

  • Tiny World – a nature documentary exploring the world of small creatures.
  • Peanuts in Space: Secrets of Apollo 10 – a short space-themed special with Snoopy and the gang
  • Fraggle Rock – a resurgence of Jim Henson’s classic puppet show
  • Servant – psychological horror series with Lauren Ambrose featuring a young couple in mourning.


Being a Japanese anime channel, you will find English-dubbed anime series like:

  • Naruto – One of the all-time great long-running anime
  • My Hero Academia – The plot follows a young boy who dreams of becoming a superhero.
  • Boruto: Naruto Next Generations – A sequel to Naruto following his son’s story


Tubi is another free TV show channel you can find on the Apple TV platform. Here are some shows available for streaming:

  • The Masked Singer – a T.V series that features celebrities singing while wearing elaborate costumes to hide their identities.
  • Roseanne – The classic sitcom created by Matt Williams
  • The Bachelor – a dating show that airs on ABC
  • Quantum Leap – a sci-fi show where the protagonist is able to time travel

Concluding Thoughts On What Apple TV Shows Are Free

Apple TV has released quite a few shows for free, including movies and documentaries. It is even offering certain channels for free which would cost extra to watch on other platforms. However, with that being said, it’s essential to remember that, while you might save money with free TV shows on Apple TV, you will still need an Apple TV+ subscription to enjoy most of Apple’s exclusive shows.

Thankfully, the subscription is relatively affordable compared to other streaming platforms. Plus, you can avail yourself of a seven-day trial before committing to purchase. Showcase your favourite free TV shows on your Apple device and never miss another episode again.

FAQs About What Apple TV Shows Are Free

Q: Do I need to pay to access free TV shows on Apple TV?

A: No, you don’t need to pay as long as you have access to the Apple TV platform.

Q: Can I watch Apple TV shows on other devices besides Apple TV?

A: Yes, Apple TV is available on various devices like iPhones, iPads, Macs, and Smart T.V.s.

Q: Are there frequent updates to the free TV shows list?

A: Yes, the free TV shows list often gets updated with new shows or episodes. Keep checking to see if there’s something new to watch.

Q: Can I watch classic TV shows on Apple TV?

A: Yes, certain channels offer classic TV shows that can be streamed for free. Look out for channels such as Crackle and Pluto TV.

Final Thoughts

Apple TV offers an immense selection of free TV shows that can help you save costs. It has channels to suit any taste, ranging from action-packed shows to family-friendly animations. With this list, you won’t have to spend a penny to get entertained by great content. Go forth and enjoy!



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