Unlocking the Hidden Gems of MIUI 8: Tips, Tricks, and Hidden Features

Xiaomi’s MIUI 8 is a user interface for Android devices that is specifically designed for Xiaomi smartphones. While MIUI 8 has been around for a while, many users still don’t know about the many tips, tricks, and hidden features it offers. This blog post will explore some of the lesser-known features of MIUI 8 that can enhance your experience with your Xiaomi device.

1. The MIUI Scanner

The MIUI scanner is a powerful tool that can scan QR codes, barcodes, and even interpret text in photos. To access it, simply open the camera app and swipe left to access the scanner. Once activated, the MIUI scanner can be used to scan sales receipts, business cards, and even import contact information straight into your phonebook.

2. Second Space

Second Space is a feature unique to MIUI 8 that allows you to create a separate user space on your device. This can be useful if you want to use your phone for both personal and work-related purposes – with Second Space, you can have separate login credentials, apps, and data. To access Second Space, go to Settings > Second Space and follow the prompts to set it up.

3. Quick Ball

Quick Ball is a shortcut feature that allows you to access your most used apps and settings with a single touch. Quick Ball is essentially a floating button that can be customized to launch apps, settings, and even control music playback. To activate Quick Ball, go to Settings > Additional settings > Quick ball.

4. Gesture Controls

Gesture controls are another nifty feature in MIUI 8. These controls let you perform actions such as taking a screenshot, turning off music playback, or launching an app by simply making a gesture on the screen. To activate Gesture controls, go to Settings > Additional Settings > Gestures.

5. Hidden Themes

MIUI 8 offers a wide range of themes, some of which are hidden from plain view. To access these themes, go to Themes > Customize > Online; then scroll down to the bottom and click on the ‘Hidden’ category. This will reveal a list of hidden themes that you can download and use.

Concluding Thoughts

MIUI 8 offers a range of features that can take your user experience to the next level. Hopefully, this article has given you a taste of the many ways in which MIUI 8 can be customized and optimized for your needs. If you’re a Xiaomi device user, it’s definitely worth exploring the many features that MIUI 8 has to offer.

FAQs about MIUI 8 Tips, Tricks, and Hidden Features

Q: What are some other MIUI 8 features I should know about?
A: Some other features worth exploring include the Quick Ball, One-handed mode, and Lite Mode.

Q: How do I update my MIUI 8?
A: To update your MIUI 8, go to Settings > About phone > System updates > Check for updates.

Q: Can I customize the functionality of Quick Ball?
A: Yes, Quick Ball is fully customizable. To customize Quick Ball, go to Settings > Additional settings > Quick ball.

In conclusion, MIUI 8 is a powerful user interface that offers many tips, tricks, and hidden features. By exploring these features, you can customize your Xiaomi device to your liking and improve your productivity and user experience. Remember to keep up-to-date with the latest updates and versions for your device to ensure that you can access all the latest features and functionality.



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