Unlock with Apple Watch Not Working with your Mac? Here’s How to Fix it!


Unlocking your Mac with your Apple Watch is a convenient and time-saving feature. It allows you to unlock your Mac without having to type in your password each time you want to access it. However, it can be frustrating when the feature doesn’t work, leaving you to manually enter your password each time. In this article, we will discuss the possible reasons why your “unlock with Apple Watch not working on a Mac” and the fixes to this problem.

Detailed Discussion on Unlock with Apple Watch Not Working Mac

Possible Reasons for Unlock with Apple Watch Not Working on Mac

There could be several reasons why your Apple Watch may not be unlocking your Mac, some of which include:

  • Incompatible models of Apple Watch or Mac
  • Inefficient Bluetooth connectivity
  • Incorrect settings may cause Password required instead of Unlock with Apple Watch
  • Security settings on Mac are prohibiting it

Fixes for Unlock with Apple Watch Not Working Mac

  • Ensure that your MacBook and Apple Watch are compatible with the Unlock feature. A Mac device that supports macOS Sierra or later and an Apple Watch running watchOS 3 or later is required to utilize unlock with Apple Watch.
  • Make sure that the Bluetooth connection between your Mac and your Apple Watch is working correctly. Turn off Bluetooth on both devices and then turn it on again, or restart the devices.
  • Ensure Bluetooth Handoff is turned on for both devices. This setting can be enabled on your Mac under System Preferences > General > Allow Handoff between this Mac and your iCloud devices. Also, ensure your Apple Watch has the “Wrist detection” feature enabled.
  • If you are using a macOS version earlier than Sierra, instead of having “Unlock with Apple Watch,” you will need to change the setting to “Automatic login” under Users & Groups > Login options.
  • Check if your Apple Watch and Mac are logged in to the same iCloud account. If they are not, then you will not be able to use the Unlock feature.
  • If none of the above methods work, then try disabling and enabling the “Unlock with Apple Watch” feature. This can be done by going to System Preferences > Security & Privacy > General and uncheck the “Use your Apple Watch to unlock apps and your Mac” box, then recheck it.

Concluding Thoughts on Unlock with Apple Watch Not Working Mac

The “Unlock with Apple Watch” feature can save time and energy, making accessing your Mac a hassle-free experience. With this guide, you should be able to troubleshoot the problem and find a solution. By understanding the possible causes of the problem and the fixes outlined, you can easily get your Apple Watch to unlock your Mac seamlessly.

FAQs about Unlock with Apple Watch Not Working Mac

1. My Apple Watch is compatible with the unlock feature, but it still doesn’t work. What should I do?

You can try the troubleshooting techniques mentioned above, such as ensuring that your Bluetooth connection is stable, disabling and enabling the “Unlock with Apple Watch” feature, and verifying that both devices are using the same iCloud account.

2. Why is “Unlock with Apple Watch” not available on my Mac?

The “Unlock with Apple Watch” feature is compatible with a specific set of MacBooks that can run macOS Sierra or later. Verify that your MacBook is running this macOS or later version, and your Apple Watch needs to be running watchOS 3 or later.

3. Can I still use the “Unlock with Apple Watch” feature if I’m running an earlier version of Mac OS X?

No, the “Unlock with Apple Watch” feature isn’t available in earlier versions of Mac OS X. You can downgrade to “Automatic login” from Users & Groups > Login options.

4. Is it possible to use an Apple Watch that is not signed in to my iCloud account for Unlock?

No, both devices must be signed in to the same iCloud account to use the “Unlock with Apple Watch” feature.

5. Does “Unlock with Apple Watch” feature drain my Apple Watch battery?

The “Unlock with Apple Watch” feature should not have a significant impact on your Apple Watch’s battery life because it uses low energy Bluetooth.

In conclusion, the “Unlock with Apple Watch” feature is a convenient and simple way to access your Mac. You can unlock your Mac effortlessly by following the steps outlined in this guide. If you continue to encounter issues, don’t hesitate to contact the Apple Support team.



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